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I've been coming here for several years, and have complete trust in these doctors! They care about their patients, and make an effort to keep in touch and make you feel special. They have expertise in their field and will work with you to address your health concerns. I like that their goal is to help you be your best.


Special Care
I had a 7 week old newborn and after a month of having a very colicky baby we took our daughter to Generations to get an adjustment,while she was being adjusted (Which for babies is just light pressure on the spot needing adjustment) she was smiling and cooing and that night she didn't have any crying and slept for 7 hours straight, we have had no more fussy nights since it was great for our family and now I am going for regular adjustments and feeling so much better myself!! I highly recommened for pediatric adjustments as well as everyone in the family!


Special Care
I've been seeing Dr. Denny for almost a year now. Today I filled out an improvement rating form and realized that most of the 10 physical issues I identified when I first began receiving adjustments have either disappeared or improved 80%! I just turned 60 and I am very excited about being healthier than I was a year ago! I expect most of the issues to be non-existent in the months to come. Other great things about this business are that they are flexible with appointments, get you in and out quickly, and everyone there is friendly and helpful. There are lots of good vibes at Generations!


Improved Health
Dr. Denny & Dr. Mandy are amazing! I truly feel better, stronger and healthier since going to them for my adjustments. I am a work in progress and so glad to have found them. My experience thus far has been great. I truly feel they care and offer great suggestions to help me become a healthier person. I would recommend them to anyone, any age, and any level of care needed


A Healthier Way of Life
Dr. Mandy and Dr. Denny are two of the most considerate Chiropractors (not to mention, people) that I have met. They are genuinely interested in improving their patients' quality of life by restoring the necessary curves our spines need to live an optimal life! Out of the 3 states I've lived in and the numerous Chiropractors I've worked with, this is the first practice that actually does corrective care and not just symptomatic care...IT'S WONDERFUL! I highly recommend Generations Health & Wellness to be your chiropractor!


Corrective Care
I've been taking my month old here since Tuesday and after one adjustment (Tuesday) I have noticed a complete and total difference in my baby! She was very colicky before I started bringing her here with spasms, extreme gas pains, and endless nights of screaming, thriving, and tearing at her face because it hurt so bad.. Went in today to have her adjusted again and this time she slept pretty much the whole time she was getting adjusted and is still sleeping! I highly recommend Generations for a pediatric chiropractor!! Also I LOVE how Mandy gave me advice from a parents perspective on what to do to help with the alignment!!


Colicky Baby
Generations has improved my life so much in such a short time! I am only 20 and had many issues with my health such as headaches, fatigue and dizziness along with severe back and neck pain from scoliosis. In only a few short weeks, these problems have almost disappeared and I can get back to having a normal healthy life. I cant wait to see what the rest of my treatment for scoliosis has in store!


My husband convinced me to go to Generations Health and Wellness Center for my back problems, which made it difficult to sleep. With routine chiropractic care, I've quit hurting, and it is so wonderful! I feel more in tune with my body now, and I can sense when something is out of alignment. What I love most about the Center is that it is kid-friendly. Mandy and Denny are so nice and patient with my kids, both of whom are under the age of three, and I really appreciate that.

Robin Young

Back Pain
The quality of chiropractic care at Generations Health and Wellness Center in Fayetteville is outstanding. They pay attention to specific needs and give the best advice on lifestyle choices. When my back was getting sore from the extra weight during my pregnancy, the adjustments not only relieved a lot of the pressure causing the discomfort but also kept my body moving well.“

Sara Schmidt