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Feeling Better and Fixing Problems

More and more patients are experiencing the benefits of chiropractic. Now you have the opportunity of being able to choose whether chiropractic is right for you!

What is Chiropractic?

The word chiropractic comes from Greek words meaning “treatment by hand”, which is exactly what chiropractors do—they use their hands to adjust the body and promote healing and wellness.

The chiropractic philosophy is based on the following belief statements:

  • All bodily functions are connected and the healing process involves the entire body.
  • A healthy nervous system, particularly the spine, is the key to a healthy body. The spinal cord carries information throughout the body and is responsible for all bodily functions including voluntary movements (such as walking) and involuntary functions (such as breathing).
  • When the systems of the body are in balance, it is called homeostasis. Disorders of the bones, muscles, and nerves can disrupt homeostasis and increase the risk of disease and other health problems.
    When body systems are in harmony, the human body has the remarkable ability to maintain health and heal itself.


Chiropractors are medical professionals who diagnose and treat disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. They use traditional diagnostic testing methods (such as x-rays, MRI, and lab work) along with specific chiropractic techniques that involve hands-on adjustment of the articulations (joints) of the body. Chiropractors also offer nutrition and healthy lifestyle counseling. Chiropractors elect not to prescribe medications, and they do not perform surgery; however, many chiropractors work closely with medical doctors and will refer a patient when necessary.

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